Is Your Insurance Website a Lead Generation Hub?

Now that we’ve begun 2012, take a good hard look at your website. Your insurance website should serve as the hub of all other marketing activities. What about insurance advertising, tradeshows, email marketing and direct mail? Those should be the spokes that drive leads to your website hub.

To determine if your insurance website is as effective as it should be, ask these 10 crucial questions:

How often is your website’s content updated?
Is every page of your website optimized to target one or two keywords with strong organic traffic potential?
Is the traffic on your website growing?
Is your website generating leads through the use of compelling offers that go beyond the standard free quote?
When you get a lead, do you deploy an automated insurance lead nurturing process?
Are you using an insurance blog to continuously add fresh content and target promising keywords?
Is your insurance blog integrated with your insurance social media accounts?
Are you posting to your insurance blog and social media accounts at least twice a week?
Can you tell where your website leads are coming from and how well they are converting?
Are you using data from your website to fine-tune your overall insurance marketing strategy?
If you’re thinking of updating your website, take a hard look at metrics and strategy. All too often, insurance organizations focus on look and feel, while they completely neglect function. Don’t make this mistake!

Before you shell out the big bucks to the website supershops, make them jump through a few hoops. In some cases, their bells and whistles don’t add up to quality leads – particularly for B2B insurance marketers. Below are a few questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line:

Can we update our own web page content? How easy is it to add new pages?
If we need you to make a website change or add a landing page, what is the turnaround time and cost involved?
What percentage of your websites focus on business-to-business lead generation vs. business-to-consumer lead generation?
Can you provide ROI case studies or testimonials for business-to-business clients?
What lead nurturing capabilities does your website software have?
Does your insurance website software allow me to integrate lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, SEO, social media and results tracking in one user-friendly dashboard?

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